No Ejuice fabrications here, just smokers’ anecdotes


This short article is thoroughly informational. It is entirely influenced by the passions and experiences of regular smokers. This is why the tone of the article is mostly anecdotal. It needs to be because it is designed to inform current smokers of tobacco who are contemplating trying out e-cigarette smoking as the alternative towards helping them curb their smoking habit. This is because most smokers are well aware of the dangerous harm regular cigarette tobacco smoking does to their health and to those in their immediate vicinity.

Ejuice filled cigarette holders do far less harm than the above conventional tobacco smoking practice. This is because there is substantially less nicotine contained therein. Also, the e juice is free of the harmful toxins and chemicals that have for many years been part and parcel of regular tobacco smoking packs, if you will. Regular tobacco smokers will be pleased to know that this new trend in smoking will be a lot cheaper than was the case before.

New consumers are encouraged to place a bulk order of e-juice along with the packaged paraphernalia they must purchase to get going with their new smoking practice. This brings down their purchasing price even further. And to cap it all off, when purchasing any items up to a certain value, the shipping is done and dusted for free. Even more value for money. The long term cost benefits are also prevalent in the sense that there is a fair to good chance that e-juice smokers will not be encumbered with the high medical costs that go with the regular ailments experienced by traditional smokers.

About the biggest anecdote that can be offered at this time is that the esthetic and aesthetic pleasures of smoking with this new trend will be enhanced.