Miami beyond sun-drenched beaches and raunchy nightclubs for college students

Miami is for many people associated with the excesses of the college crowd during spring break. Often that is the first, and many times the only thing, they read about in local newspapers around the world, unless someone is planning a trip to the United States. In that case, Florida and Miami are almost mandatory destinations.

Of course, no self-respecting visitor to Miami can stay away from the sun, the beaches, swimming in clear and warm ocean waters and the surf.

But what if you have had enough of the sun and the resulting sunburn? What else is there to do? The simple answer: Miami has many more tourist attractions to offer than sand, sun, and booze.

You could sort them by groups of attractions other than beaches and nightlife, such as:

Localities and places to see

Ocean Drive, Art Deco District, and Bayside Market Place, Little Havana, the Design District are examples for this category.

Family-friendly attractions

This is an important group because many visitors bring their family with them. You have so many to consider and to decide upon that it may become a challenge.

Consider these: The Deering Estate at Cutler, the Seaquarium, Key Biscayne and Crandon Park, the Miami Zoo, and Jungle Island. Kids will love it.

Tours and Activities

Miami has many to offer with prices ranging from under $ 20.00 for a trip to the Perez Art Museum to over $ 200 for a Bahamas Day Cruise and a Bahamas ferry Day Trip. The alligators come at a moderate price compared to these fancy excursions. Scared of alligators? Go on the Miami Segway Tour.

Visit fish, dolphins and the Everglades

That’s another group of attractions off the beaten path of typical tourist mills. Dive with the fish or visit the Everglades.